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Technical White Paper
Multi-rate Tunable Wavelength Transceiver for Storage Area Networks
CIVCOM’S Tunable XFP Transceiver with enhanced features and greater tuning capability..
Joint Development Program between Civcom and CPqD to result in market jump-start with its Multi-rate 100Gbps Tunable Transponder
View Civcom's interview at the ECOC Exhibition 2012
Civcom to introduce industry's most competitive 100Gbps Coherent Tunable Transponder at ECOC 2012
CIVCOM is launching the new 100Gbps Coherent widely tunable transponder at ECOC 2012 - Booth 458
CPqD, Padtec and Civcom in a joint efforts to design a 100Gbps module for high speed optical transmission
Tera Santa Consortium Targets World’s First Terabit Optical Network
Civcom Introduces Industry's First Multi-Rate Tunable Optical Transceiver for SAN Applications
Civcom Debuts New Line of Tunable 10G Small Form Factor (SFF) Transponders at ECOC 2008
Civcom receives European RoHS Qualification
ECI Telecom and Civcom Significantly Simplify Optical Transport Networks with World’s First Compact 10Gbps Widely Tunable Transponder
100Gbps Product Line
100Gbps Coherent Widely Tunable Transponder
40Gbps Tunable Product Line
40Gbps DPSK & DQPSK Direct Solutions
10Gbps Compact Product Line
Widely tunable 10Gbps transponders & Transceivers
1 - 10Gbps Multi Rate Tunable Solutions
1-10 Multi Rate Tunable Transponders
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