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40Gbps DQPSK Tunable Transponder

40Gbps DQPSK Tunable Transponder
Civcom's RZ-DQPSK is a 40Gbps widely tunable transponder optimized for long haul applications. The transponder is suited for areas with non-linear effects, high chromatic dispersion and PMD tolerance handling.
The module supports 50GHz ITU grid wavelength spacing. A zero chirp Mach Zehnder Lithium Niobide modulator is used to enable operation across the entire C-band and over long distances.
The 40G RZ-DQPSK Transponder is compatible with the 300-pin MSA and I2C interface.

* RZ -DQPSK modulation format
* Full C-Band 50GHz ITU Grid Wavelength Spacing
* Multi-data rate support from 39.8Gbps up to 44.6Gbps
* +0dBm Output Power
* MSA SFF size 5x5
* Comply with OIF SFI-5 and 40G MSA I2C

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