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Civcom’s MLR module is a small size long reach widely tunable transceiver designed for DWDM applications. The transceiver contains both a 10 Gbps widely tunable transmitter and a wide band high sensitivity receiver. 

The MLR module interface is compatible with the 300-pin MSA and I?C interface. The MLR module uses a widely tunable laser to tune and cover the entire C-Band. 

The MLR module uses a Negative or zero- chirp Mach Zehnder indium phosphate modulator to enable high performance under OSNR load across the entire C-Band and over long distances.
A configurable CDR is used to support the following data rates: 1.06/1.25/2.12/4.25/8.5/10.3/10.5Gbps. 

The module has 3 modes of operation:
Normal mode: the client Rx side is connected to the line Tx side, and the Client Tx side is connected to the line Rx side.
Line loop back mode: Line Rx side is connected to the line Tx side.
Diagnostic loop back mode: Client Rx side is connected to the Client Tx side.
A sensitive PIN or APD receiver converts optical to electrical signal and feeds the clock and data recovery (CDR) circuit. The MLR module supports 50GHz ITU grid wavelength spacing. Tuning the transceiver laser is made possible through standard I?C commands.
The client side supports standard SFP+ or SFP pluggable transceiver.

* Unique integrated solution
* Multi bit rate CDR support 1.06/1.25/2.12/4.25/8.5/10.3/10.5Gbps.
* Line side and Client side on the same package
* Small Size  2.85”x3”x0.64”
* Uses I2C 300-pin MSA interface Rev4.2
* Conforms to Telcordia GR 468

Client Side:
* Client side with SFP+ pluggable socket

Line Side:
* Tunable CW with Full C-band  @ 50GHz Grid
* Negative / Zero Chirp MZ InP Modulator
* Up to 1600ps/nm tolerance @ 10Gbps.
* PIN or APD Receiver
* +4dBm output power
* Less than 1dB OSNR penalty for +/-600 ps/nm span

For information, please contact: sales@civcom.com

Data sheet (PDF)
Press Release (PDF)
Application: Storage Area Networks MLR (PDF)
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